Looking to measure your brand's presence on Twitter? Tracking Twitter mentions can help you know when your users are including your brand in their conversations. To track brand mentions, you need to get notifications for every brand mention happening across the network.

Research shows that users rely on Twitter when it comes to acknowledging a brand or raising an issue. They expect a response and that too, quick. If you are not tracking your brand's mentions on Twitter, you are losing out on opportunities on conversing with your users in real-time - be it to thank them for their good words or promptly address their issues, or to re-tweet. In this post, we will get into the details of how to track and get notifications for brand mentions on one of the largest social networking platforms, Twitter.

Types of Twitter Mentions

Before you start tracking and getting notifications for Twitter mentions, you must know about the three types of mentions that happen on Twitter: 

  1. Tagging your brand using @ in their conversations
  2. Using # before your brand's name in the Twitter threads
  3. Adds a link to your blog or homepage in the conversation

Your users can choose any of the forms to mention your brand. 

When they tag your brand using @brandusername, Twitter sends you an instant notification for that. You can access these notifications in the notification panel. Infact, you can set up notifications by email, SMS, or push notifications. 

However, when your users mention your brands in form of hashtags or simply as text or add a link, you will not get a notification.

This is because Twitter views these as plain text. For instance, when a user shares just the link as shown below, we will not get a notification.

twitter brand mentions
Brand Mention on Twitter using Link

Although you won’t get automatic alerts from Twitter for brand mentions that are otherwise considered as text by Twitter, you can still track all these mentions. Let’s see how.

How to track brand mentions on Twitter?

Usernames are no more included in replies to give users more than 140 characters when tweeting. While you will still get notifications for replies to your threads, you will not see the same listed under ‘mentions’ in the notification panel.

Similarly, if a user has a private account and mentions your brand, you will not be able to see it or look it up unless you are following that user.

Since there is no native feature in Twitter to get notifications for hashtags and text-based or link-based brand mentions, you can use Automate.io to set up alerts for brand mentions on Twitter (apart from those where your brand is tagged using @). 

On Twitter, the easiest way is to use the search bar and type in your search query. Go to the latest tab to see the latest tweets containing your search query. You can also filter tweets by images, people, or videos based on your query. 

On the left-hand side, you will see an option to further filter your search. Try using it to narrow down your search one notch higher.

search filter in Twitter
Using Search Filters in Twitter

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search

Twitter also has an advanced search option where you can add phrases and hashtags, profiles, and usernames to narrow down your search and see where or who mentioned your brand (and when).

Twitter Advanced Search
Twitter Advanced Search

You can save up to 25 search results making it easy to get the required information. However, this is all manual work. And doing this manually on a routine can be hard, especially if your users are engaging with your brand frequently on Twitter. Manual search won't last long-term. 

The smartest alternative is to use automation to get notifications for any brand mentions on Twitter. 

How to set up automated notifications for brand mentions on Twitter?

Using Automate.io, you can easily get notifications for any brand mentions happening on Twitter. Integrate Twitter with any app where you want to receive notifications and you are set. For instance, if you want to add Twitter updates in Google Sheets, you can integrate Google Sheets and Twitter to set up this workflow. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Signup or login to Automate.io
  2. Go to ‘Create A Bot’
  3. Enter Twitter as the trigger app
  4. Give authorization access to verify your account [Make sure you are logged into your Twitter profile to speed up this step]
  5. Enter trigger as ‘search query’
  6. Enter the phrase you want to search up on Twitter [For demo purpose, we will use #automate]
  7. Enter your choice of action app [For demo purposes, we will use Google Sheets]
  8. Enter additional details for your action app
  9. Save the bot and turn it on

Your bot set up will look something like this: 

Twitter Google Sheets bot recipe
Twitter-Google Sheets Bot Recipe

Once you start running this bot, a new row will be added in your Google Sheets whenever any user tweets with the phrase matching your search query. Bot recipes in Automate.io keep running unless you manually stop it. So, once your bot is set up, all tweets matching your search query will be automatically saved in Google Sheets. Try this bot recipe from here:

You can create this bot recipe for any text phrases that you think your users use to mention your brand. You can use several other action apps to set up an automated workflow.

You can also use Webhooks to pull data from Twitter into Webhooks by integrating Twitter and Webhooks. To get started, follow the bot recipes from below:

That’s it. 

You can now set up alerts for any brand mentions on Twitter, especially if your users are not tagging your brand. The bot recipes mentioned above are applicable for tweets where your brand is tagged. Start setting up automated workflows to track and monitor brand mentions easily on Twitter.