With everyone working across different projects, Notion helps product teams understand and streamline the project pipeline, collaborate with teams, and keep the processes tied to each other.

Today, you’ll learn to build your own product wiki page and quick note-taking template in Notion. Let’s get down to it!

Building Your Own Product Wiki Template in Notion

You can build your own product wiki page in Notion. This page is shared with all team members in your organization. 

Every team member can add and edit content on this page. You can assign tasks to any team member and mention comments wherever necessary. Also, you can upload files and documents, create to-do lists, maintain your product lifecycle, create databases and much more.

Simply put, your product wiki is one common place for cross-functional teams to collaborate their work and share instantaneous feedback. 

Let’s build a product wiki that works for you!

1. Open your Notion workspace.

2. Under the WORKSPACE column on the left-hand side, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new page.

3. Click on Templates.

4. On the right-hand side, under Product Management, select Product Wiki and click Use this template above.

5. You can delete Getting Started and other pages that don’t align with your processes.

6. As you can see, the Product Wiki page is divided into two columns. You can add more columns by dragging the dotted icon over to the right-hand side.

Adding new column in Notion page
Adding new column in a Notion page

7. You won’t access some pages daily, such as Product Lifecycle, Manuals, Interview Questions and others. You can simply lock it by clicking on the three-dotted icon on the upper right-hand corner and clicking on the Lock page. This ensures that your team doesn’t add any unnecessary data by mistake.

Lock page in Notion
Lock page in Notion

8. Notion’s Product Wiki is a ready-made template for product teams but if you feel you need to add more columns and pages, don’t shy away!

Product wiki template in Notion
Product wiki template in Notion

9. Type /page to add a page. Your most important pages are the sub-pages inside your product wiki page. Simply hit / and you’ll see a list of options to add your content. The most popular ones are page, to-do list, inline database, code and others.

10. That’s it! On its own, your product wiki is just a static place for documentation, database and notes. When you combine it with a quick note-taking template that we’ll create in the next section, it becomes 2x powerful!

While designing your own product wiki, add these for sure:

1. A page for teams and freelancers to review their tasks for the week, month and quarter including which team they’re working in, what resources do they require and so on.

2. A directory database for product features along with who’s responsible for it.

3. A table to record user feedback and customer reviews. Tag them so that you can easily group them to extract insights later.

4. A database for OKRs, onboarding resources, documents and manuals, and others.

Building Quick Notion Note-Taking Template

1. Open your Notion workspace.

2. Create a new page as before.

3. Under DATABASE, select Board view.

4. Name your page as Quick Note-Taking.

5. You’ll see three cards under No Status, simply click on the three-dotted icon beside it and click on Hide.

(i) Rename the status badges to your needs. For example, I’ve renamed mine as below.

Quick note-taking template in Notion
Quick note-taking template in Notion

6. You can add cards and assign them to your teams. Next, click on Add a property, and in PROPERTY TYPE click Relation. Choose the database you want to connect. This way, you can associate your note with the primary database in your product wiki. This is a powerful trick as now your notes are not independent but a part of your product wiki.

7. The best part is you don’t have to segregate your notes later. It happens automatically when you add them to a database in your product wiki.

Connect the databases in Notion using 'Relation'
Connect databases in Notion using 'Relation'

8. You can add notes according to the context of the message. If you want to add a quick note to update a version log, put it under Product Feature.

9. You can view your notes from the Product Wiki page too!

Related databases can be viewed from both sides in Notion
Related databases can be viewed from both sides in Notion

One word of advice before wrapping up, every note-taking and wiki page on Notion is unique to the needs of the individual and the organization. You need not copy another page, you can even start with a blank page and add content as you need, and if it works for you, you’re good to go!