There are several tasks you do daily or weekly or probably monthly. Thing is, it is a recurring task and you need an automated reminder system that will be on a loop. 

Setting up a recurring task reminder ensures that you get a reminder before your task is due, either daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or whichever duration you want it to recur on. It is a one-time effort where you just create a task and set the loop on. That’s it. 

Having such a feature is a boon and Asana knows that. Asana, ensures that you are up to date with your tasks all the time. This project management tool has a "recurring task" feature (among many other features) that lets you create tasks on a loop by adding the task only once and setting the timeline for it to repeat. 

In this article, you'll learn how to create a recurring task on Asana. Let’s get started.

How to Create Recurring Tasks in Asana

There are several tasks that you do daily. These tasks often can be as small as posting a social update on your channel. You may need to do this daily or weekly or probably every once a month. For instance, if you are an HR, you may need to set up a recurring task to set up payrolls every month. Or, if you are into content marketing, you may need a recurring reminder to set up a content calendar for each week. Recurring task is a feature that comes in handy for everyone, whether you are into freelancing, support, development, or the CEO of a company. 

Whatever the task may be, you need a recurring reminder without having to create the task repeatedly. Why? Simple - to save you hours of time when compounded weekly or monthly. 

And guess what, Asana helps you do that easily. Let’s dig into the details.

Setting up a recurring task

  • Login to your Asana 
  • In the Home Screen, you see an overview of your tasks that are due soon and the projects you are a member of. 
  • Click on See all my tasks to go to your tasks list. You can also click on My Tasks on the left side-bar to go to your task list

Asana Home

Creating a Recurring Task in Asana

To create a recurring task, you need to add a task. This can be done in two ways.

1. Click on the Add Task button on the top of your page

2. Simply click on Add Task below your last task to automatically add your task

Adding Tasks to My Tasks

  • After adding your task, Click on the ‘Details’ option
Task Details
  • Click on ‘Due Date’ and look for the recurring icon at the bottom of the calendar

Create recurring tasks

  • Select how you want to recur your event: 
Recurring tasks in Asana

  • Daily: For a task that you need to do every day.
  • Weekly: For a task that you need to do weekly. Mention the day(s) on which the task will recur every week. 
  • Monthly: For a task that you need to do every month. Mention the day on which you need to do the task. For instance, below it is set for day 15th of every month.
Recurring tasks monthly
  • Yearly: For a task that repeats every year. Select the date first and then set to yearly to ensure that every year on that date reminder is set. 
  • Periodically: For tasks that need to be done every 10 days or another time frame. For instance, if you finish the task today and need to do it again after 6 days, you can set Days after completion to 6. Every time you finish the task, this task recurs after 6 days. 
  • Custom: For tasks that will recur bi-weekly or quarterly. For instance, below the task is set to recur every two weeks on Wednesday and Friday. 
Custom recurring tasks

Once you have set how you want to repeat your tasks, you will see the recurring symbol beside your task, indicating a recurring task. 

Recurring tasks symbol

Did you know you can add tasks from other apps to Asana automatically and convert them into recurring tasks? Let's see how.

Creating Tasks in Asana From Other Apps

With, you can connect over 200 apps to Asana and set up tasks automatically from other apps. For instance, if you are a G-Suite user, you can connect your Google apps like Google Calendar or Gmail or Google Drive with Asana to set up automated workflow. When you connect Gmail and Asana, you can set up an automated workflow to add a new task in Asana whenever you add a particular label to your email in Gmail. You can have several labels differentiating your work or projects in Gmail. The best part is, when you are setting up this workflow inside you will be able to see all the labels listed for you to choose from. Here are a few more use cases you can try with other Google apps.

Creating these workflows takes less than a few minutes to set up. You can try connecting Asana with various other apps as well. If you are using Slack for team collaborations, you can set up an automated workflow to add a task in Asana automatically from Slack. There are various other use cases you can try.

Even if you are using any other project management apps like Trello and you still need to collaborate with your teams on Asana, you can easily sync up Trello and Asana to creat a new task in Asana when a new card is created in Trello or update a card on Trello for a new task in Asana, and more. Start building one of these workflows from here.

These are only a few apps we have covered here. You can integrate Asana with a host of other apps from here.

Once your task is added, you can convert it into a recurring task following the steps we covered in this article.

Wrapping Up

Recurring tasks is a very basic but important feature that not just saves time but also cuts down on the manual entry of the same task repeatedly. With this guide, you can now start adding tasks manually or automatically connecting Asana to other work apps and set them to repeat.