Google Tasks is a lightweight and simple task management app. Whether you are a solopreneur or run a team, Google Tasks's simple interface and minimalistic design is ideal to manage your daily tasks.

The only trouble is that Google Tasks does not have any native sharing or syncing feature that you can directly use to collaborate with your teams. In this article, we will go over three ways in which you can easily sync Google Tasks with other apps and get your collaboration game up and running. Let's get started.

Method 1: Automatically Sync with Google Apps

Google Tasks does not allow you to share your task lists with others. However, the good part is, it is automatically synced with other Google apps like Google Calendar or Gmail. So if your tasks are very time-sensitive, you might want to manage your routine on Google’s Calendar.

Here's how you can do this:

Step 1: Login to your Google or Gmail account.

Step 2: Look at the right-hand of your screen to detect the Google Tasks icon.

google tasks icon
Google Tasks Icon

You will also see the Tasks icon placed on top of your inbox whenever you have an email selected.

google tasks in gmail
Google Tasks Icon in Inbox

Step 3: You can either open your Tasks list from the right-hand bar or simply click on the Tasks icon to add the selected email as a task.

Step 4: Add date, time and details to your task. As soon as you save the task, you will be able to view this task in your Google Calendar automatically.

google task list
Google Task List

What’s better, you can add tasks right away on your calendar without having to go to Google Tasks (and yes, it also syncs with Tasks).

To do it, click on the day you want to schedule a task. Then hit the “task” tab and give it a name. You can also describe the task and schedule it at a specific hour.

google tasks in google calendar
Add tasks from Google Calendar

For a detailed guide on to use Google Tasks with other Google Apps, read our Google Tasks as a To-do list app Guide here.

Method 2: Using Google TasksBoard to Share Your Tasks

Instead of having to go to your email and find the tasks icon. Head to Google TasksBoard to do everything in one place. TasksBoards synchronizes your tasks automatically and makes it easier to manage them on one page. Plus, it provides you with more boards and a kanban view, so it does look more like a Trello board.

Step 1: Open your Google TasksBoard

Step 2: Choose the list you want to share, click on the three-dotted icon, and select “share list.”

google tasksboard share list
Google TasksBoard- Share List

Step 3: TasksBoard will automatically generate a link you can use to share your peers to collaborate on this specific list.

shared list link
Share Tasklist

Note: TasksBoard has many plans. And the freemium version only allows you to share one list at a time. With the premium version, you can share as many as you need and even share the entire board if you want (just like a typical Trello or ClickUp). This with the modest price of $3.30 per month.

Method 3: Use a NoCode Tool to Share Google Tasks

Google Tasks does not let you share your task lists, especially if you are looking to automatically let your teams know about a new task on Google Tasks. However, you can do this by setting up automated workflows between Google Tasks and your other work apps using no-code tools like

When integrating Google Tasks with other apps, you can sync your tasks with other collaboration tools like Slack or Trello, where your mates can add comments, give you feedback, and you work better. 

When you integrate Google Tasks with your other apps, you’re automatically generating more time for your business and life.

Whats more, an integration app allows you to automatically create, schedule, and delegate tasks without you having to move a finger. You only need to set it up properly. Here are a few use cases that you can immediately start with:

And that's a wrap on how you can share Google Tasks with other apps. If you are looking to share your task lists automatically with your teams, you can now do it easily.