Juggling between multiple tasks and projects may be time-consuming unless you are using a project management tool like Trello. From creating cards to adding team members to syncing with other work apps (using Trello power-ups and workflow automations), Trello is a power-house when it comes to managing and organizing tasks and projects for small and large teams. 

However, this is not the only reason users love this project management app. There is a host of keyboard shortcuts in Trello that makes task management easy and time-saving. Whether you want to move a card or add a due date, there is a shortcut for almost everything on Trello. In this article we will go over 15 useful keyboard shortcuts as well as automated workflows to work around in Trello. 

Let's begin.

Best Trello Keyboard Shortcuts To Start Using

Note: Majority of the functions listed below will require you to select a card first. So, the first shortcut you must acquaint yourself with is navigating cards. Using your arrow keys on your keyboard, you can navigate to the adjacent card. To move to the card above your selected card, press J. To select the one below your currently selected card, press K.

Trello has shortcut for various functions that makes daily work management and organizing less hectic. You can find the entire list here. Meanwhile, here are 15 most useful Trello keyboard shortcuts to start with.

(1) Insert a new card

To manage and organize work on Trello, you add cards on a regular basis for multiple tasks and projects. Instead of manually adding cards every time, you can press N from your keyboard to automatically add a new card below the currently selected card or to a new list.

(2) Open a card

To add information like card descriptions, add files, checklists, images, etc. you need to open a card. Press Enter from your keyboard to open a selected card.

(3) Add a checklist to a card

Checklists are available inside a card, and are important when you have multiple subtasks or steps for a single task. Press - from your keyboard to add a checklist to the selected card. 

(4) Enter quick edit mode

There may be several instances when you want to make quick changes to the card title, members, due date or add a cover. Instead of opening the card to make these changes, press E from your keyboard to open the quick edit mode.

(5) Add/remove card members

Assigning cards to the right person is crucial for your team to continue working smoothly and finish off their tasks on time. To add a member or remove a member from a particular card, press M from your keyboard to open the members' list. This list will show you names of all the members added to that board. If a member is not present on the board, you will not be able to add that member.

(6) Self-assign or delegate cards

You may need to assign cards to yourself or delegate a particular card to someone else in the team. You already know how to add or remove members from a card. To self-assign a card, press spacebar to assign or unassign yourself. Another way to do this is by pressing the spacebar while moving a card or when the card is open. To delegate it to someone else, tap on A to open the assign members menu. 

(7) Add votes to cards

Voting on cards help in making cumulative decisions on Trello itself. You can let your team members, clients, customers and community members add votes on cards to prioritize cards. To add a vote (or remove it) from a card, you first need to have the Vote power-up added to your Trello board. Once your power-up is added, you can simply press V from your keyboard to add votes.

(8) Open shortcuts list

If you ever forget which key is for what, you can quickly press ? from your keyboard to instantly open the entire list of keyboard shortcuts on your Trello board.

(9) Repeat an action

Let's say you have just added a label to one card. While viewing or hovering on another card, press R to repeat the last action (in this use case, it’s adding a label). For more details on tasks that support this function, follow this help doc from Trello

(10) Display cards assigned to you

You have created cards and already assigned relevant cards to each of your team members (And to yourself). To quickly view which are the cards assigned only to you, press Q. Now you can see only cards assigned to you. Press Q again to go back to viewing all the cards on the board.

(11) Toggle subscribe/unsubscribe to a card

When you assign a card to yourself, you get alerts for all activities happening in that card. However, to get updates on a card activity that is not assigned to you, you can subscribe to that card. In Trello, it is also called the watch feature. Press S from your keyboard to subscribe or unsubscribe from a card. Make sure you hover your mouse over that card to which you want to subscribe or unsubscribe.

(12) Label popups

You can add labels to add color codes for various tasks or projects. This helps you know which task is for which project by instantly looking at your board. Press L for Trello Labels shortcut. It instantly pops open the label menu. Click on a label to add or remove it. You can use number keys to apply or remove a label. Take a look at the number associated with each label color.

trello label hotkeys
Trello Hotkeys for Labels

(13) Auto-complete shortcuts

There are several shortcuts to auto-complete various tasks on Trello. Below are a few shortcuts that you can use: 

  • Auto-complete members: You can tag anyone to a card by typing @ and selecting from the list of members or typing the first few initials after @ to select the member. @ helps in auto-completing names when adding a comment to a card. You can use the same method to assign team members before submitting a card. 
  • Auto-complete labels: Labels are an interactive way to segregate various tasks or projects. Type # followed by label's color or title to see a list of matching labels. Use the arrow keys to move up and down to select the right label. 
  • Auto-complete position: You can automatically add a card to a specific position in a list or change the position of an existing card. Type ^ followed by the list name or position in a list. Alternatively, type Top or Bottom to move a card to the top or bottom in the current list. Use the arrow keys to navigate lists. To automatically change the position of the composed card, press Tab or enter.

(14) Archive a card

There may be several cards that are no more relevant and you want to just archive them rather than deleting them entirely. Archiving a card gives you the scope to make it live again if needed. Press C for Trello archive shortcut. You can still search up this card in the search box.

If you want the cards back on the board, go to the board menu > archived items > send item back to board

(15) Board management shortcuts

There are several quirky ways to use aTrello board. You may have several boards for each team or each project, and often need to toggle between the boards. Using some of these quick board shortcuts can help you toggle faster. 

  • Press B to open the header boards menu. Here you can search your boards and navigate to the board you need. Navigate using your arrow keys for easy access. 
  • Press W to expand or collapse the board menu. The Board menu lists all your boards making it easy to quickly see if there is a pending notification to check or to toggle between boards. 
  • To move a card from one board to another, hover over the card and press Control+X (Windows OS) or Command+X (Mac OS) to copy the card to your clipboard. Paste the card on another board using the age-old CTRL+V or Command+V to the list you want on that board.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the most useful Trello keyboard shortcuts that can save you hours of manual clicking. Below is a compilation of all the keyboard shortcuts that we discussed. Download and keep it for yourself as a cheat code to Trello keyboard shortcuts.

trello keyboard shortcuts
Trello Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: These shortcuts are handy when you are logged into your Trello board and add cards for yourself and your teams. Alternatively, you can add cards and assign tasks on Trello from other apps which doesn't require you to log into your Trello account every time. Using Automate.io, you can create automated workflows between Trello and other work apps to automatically add cards to specific boards or lists, add due dates, assign members, add comments, and more. Check out all Trello integrations to get started.