Real estate automation is the process of removing the repetitive manual work from the key processes of your real estate businesses – sales, marketing, finance, and support to name a few. It not only helps you save time but also makes your team efficient by eliminating human errors. Read how real estate automation helped one of our clients when they decided to automate their sales reporting.

In a growing start-up, the founders often have to don a variety of hats and lead their company from the front. Robert Chmielewski found himself in a similar position! But with real estate automation as his side-kick, he successfully led the business development efforts while also being the Co-founder and CEO at ShareSpace.

About ShareSpace

ShareSpace co-founders in their office automating real estate sales reporting
Co-Founders of ShareSpace: Robert Chmielewski (left) and Marcin Dyszyński (right)

Built with the mission to help the generation of modern entrepreneurs, ShareSpace is an end to end transactional marketplace that allows businesses of all sizes to find their perfect office space.

ShareSpace makes it easier for businesses to rent flexible office spaces by taking it one step further – you can search, compare, sign the contract, and manage all your leases from a single platform.

Having started their journey in 2016 from Warsaw, Poland, ShareSpace has since opened offices in Hungary and Germany and operates with an efficient team of 18 people.

The Pain Point

ShareSpace uses HubSpot as their CRM and while HubSpot’s reporting works great to track the entire sales pipeline, ShareSpace wanted to analyze their sales efforts in a very customized and detailed manner.

To achieve this, they built a custom analytics dashboard in Microsoft Excel that pulled-in data from HubSpot, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Google AdWords. Further on, they transformed the data from Excel into a Power BI custom dashboard to give them a complete 360-degree view of their sales funnel.

“Before, we would export CSV from HubSpot and other sources, then parse it into the Excel file, time and time again to see the newest update which wasn’t real-time and proved very time-consuming for us.” –Robert Chmielewski, Co-founder & CEO, ShareSpace

However, the challenge for them in setting this up was to pull the deal data from HubSpot and other sources to Microsoft Excel in real-time. As a workaround, Robert Chmielewski, the CEO and Head of Business Development at ShareSpace started exporting CSV from all the sources, then parsed it into their Excel every day to see the newest update but unfortunately, it wasn’t real-time and proved very time-consuming for him.

That’s when Robert realized it wasn’t scalable and turned to for keeping the data synced in real-time across all his apps while he focused on identifying new opportunities to grow ShareSpace.

How Sharespace Keeps All Their Apps In-Sync and Saves 5 Hours per Week

Robert was looking for a solution that allowed him to build a custom integration between HubSpot and Microsoft Excel while maintaining real-time connectivity to automate their sales reporting.

A quick Google search helped Robert discover He signed up for a free account, linked his HubSpot and Microsoft Excel accounts, and set up multiple bots that automatically added or updated a row in Microsoft Excel every time the selected deal property was modified in HubSpot.

Robert further customized the bots using’s in-house power tools – Timer, Formatter, and Filters to extract the exact data he needed from HubSpot and other tools at the right time and send it to Microsoft Excel in his preferred format. 

These nifty Bots helped Robert and his team save 5 hours every week. The ShareSpace team now just comes in and looks at the dashboard they’ve built to quickly identify where potential bottle-necks arise in their sales pipeline and focuses on closing deals faster instead of doing repetitive data-entry.

Key Wins

  • Automating their sales reporting saves ShareSpace 5 hours every week.
  • Real-time data updates across all their apps without manual effort.
  • ShareSpace can now analyze their sales efforts quickly, identify opportunities, and close deals faster.

Customer Testimonial

Robert Chmielewski
Robert Chmielewski, Co-founder and CEO, ShareSpace

“Sometimes, the difference in seeing one new record in real-time can make a 30% difference in our monthly pipeline value. That’s why it’s been really helpful to have It keeps the data updated in real-time between HubSpot and Microsoft Excel and helps us see things as they stand in that moment.”