Typeform is a great app to run surveys or collect leads information. It really takes the pain out of filling forms. While it does store all your form entries you would typically want to send data to your other apps. 

Here we discuss how you can seamlessly integrate Typeform with Google Sheets and MailChimp.

Save Typeform Entries to a Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets are great for data backup and analysis. For the same reason, you might want to gather Typeform entries into a Google Spreadsheet.

Here’s how you can do it.

Setup your Spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet to collect data into.  Make sure that the first row contains the Column names corresponding to fields in your Typeform and also add some dummy data to the second row.

Typeform to Google Spreadsheet
Google Spreadsheet with first and second rows filled in


Create a Bot to connects them together

Signup for Automate.io, and start by creating a Bot. This will prompt you to select the Trigger app and event. Add your Typeform account as the trigger app. Choose the form you wish to pull data from. This will populate the form’s fields below that you can use in the next Action.

save typeform entries to google sheets
A Bot to save Typeform entries to a Google Spreadsheet

Now, in the Action section, add Google Sheets as the App, and select ‘add row’ action. You can now select the spreadsheet you created and the worksheet within it. This will populate the column names below. You can drag-drop the Typeform fields into the respective columns in the Google spreadsheet.

You are done. Save the Bot and enable it. You should now see all new form entries accumulated into the spreadsheet.

Convert Typeform Entries to MailChimp Subscribers

If you use MailChimp as your email marketing software, it’s easy to automatically add a subscriber in MailChimp on a new Typeform submission.

Create a Bot in Automate.io and set up the Trigger as Typeform as described above. Now you need to create an Action. Select MailChimp as your action app, and ‘new subscriber’ as the action. You can now select the List you want to add to. This will populate the subscriber fields including the merge fields for that list.

Typeform MailChimp Integration
A Bot to send Typeform entries to MailChimp

You can fill in the data for the new subscriber to be added, or drag-drop the subscriber data coming from the Typeform.  Once you are done, save the Bot and enable it.

You should now see new Typeform submissions converting into MailChimp subscribers.

Wait, that’s not all. You can do much more with Automate.io. You can extend the Bot to do multiple actions and even add conditional logic.

Some other popular Typeform integration Bots 

The possibilities are endless. Check out all our Typeform integrations.



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