Today is a big day for It marks the beginning of a new journey as we join Notion to accelerate our common mission.

Since its founding in 2016, has had a dream run – impacting 40,000+ businesses across the globe, helping them automate repetitive tasks, and be more efficient.

It is indeed a humbling experience to see a wide variety of users (small business owners, project managers, technology folks, consultants) across diverse business domains and regions use the product for a variety of amazing automation use-cases.

Why are we joining Notion? and Notion have a lot in common in terms of customers, employees, and mission. Our customers are early adopters of modern and innovative technologies, focused on improving productivity and business efficiency.

Similarly,’s employees are passionately focused on the product, and its impact on our customers and their businesses. And most importantly, we share a common mission – to allow people to build software that conforms to their needs, not the other way around.

We believe our product complements Notion’s as well. Notion offers building blocks that one can put together to create their own custom software. And is a tool that connects 200+ popular apps seamlessly.

Together, we believe we can do really magical things – we can enable users to build custom applications that can be in sync with other business applications. We believe this unlocks tremendous new capabilities that further empower our customers and strengthen our position in the market.

What does it mean for’s customers? will continue to operate independently and continue to support all customers with the same passion that we are known for. We will also continue to add new integrations to the platform.

What about the app integrations and partnerships?

The 200+ amazing apps that we integrate and partner with, are a very integral part of They help us grow as a business and also increase the value we offer to our customers continuously. We are keen on continuing these existing relationships and also building new ones in the future. is all about helping small businesses and individuals be more productive. We’ll continue to focus on this mission and hope to maximize our impact on users’ and businesses’ workflows.


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