Email in Gmail primary folder

5 Tips to Land your Marketing Emails in Gmail’s Primary Folder

Email is still a preferred marketing channel for most of us as it offers a great ROI compared to other channels. Marketers these days are looking at this as one of the most measurable marketing channels. It has helped in the growth of businesses who…

Typeform google spreadsheet mailchimp

How to Connect Typeform with Google sheets, MailChimp and more

Typeform is a great app to run surveys or collect leads information. It really takes the pain out of filling forms. While it does store all your form entries you would typically want to send data to your other apps.  Here we discuss how you can…

Sales force automation

Sales Force Automation for Small Businesses

Imagine a typical work day of a sales person’s job. It involves hundreds of emails, dozens of phone calls, hours of data gathering on new leads, sending proposals/invoices, follow-ups. All of these are essential and there is no substitute. The problem is the insane amount…

business productivity tools

Top 12 Lean and Free Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

Every small business owner dreams of getting more work done every single day. Question is – How? You can’t add more work hours to a day and the only option is to make each hour more productive. The business tools you use play a very…

create sales process

How to Automate your Sales Process and Increase Revenue by 28%

Imagine being able to clone your top salesperson. How much could more revenue your company generate? Duplicating your top performers isn’t as difficult as you may think: studies show that companies with a formal sales process enjoy 28% more revenue than companies that do not.

3 Traits of Entrepreneurs that Kill Startups

Having been associated with startups for over 8 years, when I have been an entrepreneur and worked with successful startups right from the idea stage, I have come to know some seemingly good traits of entrepreneurs, which in fact hinder success.