Add Intercom Users as HubSpot Contacts

Wouldn't it be amazing if every new user on Intercom gets automatically added as a contact in HubSpot?

Well, Rejoice! This bot by allows you to do just that. Now you don’t have to spend time manually updating contacts in both the databases as every Intercom user will automatically get added as a contact in HubSpot.

Just connect your Intercom and HubSpot accounts in, enable this ready to use integration template and you’re all set.

How it works

  • This bot will trigger every time a user is added in Intercom
  • will then automatically add or update those users as contacts in HubSpot.

What is

Too many apps and lot of chaos? helps you get organized and saves time. Create Bots that do your repetitive tasks, sync data, and handle complex workflows.

HubSpot to Intercom

Add Intercom Users as HubSpot Contacts

Apps you need

  • Intercom lets you talk to consumers almost anywhere: inside your app, on your website, across social media and via email.

  • HubSpot is a leading all-in-one inbound marketing software that comes with content marketing, SEO, landing pages, lead management, marketing automation and more.

Automate Work. Have Fun.

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