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Auto Enrich HubSpot Contacts Using Clearbit

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Knowing more about your leads can be tough when they fill-in a short form, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

With this automation in place, Clearbit will automatically look up publicly available information for every new contact that gets added in HubSpot and updates their HubSpot contact profile with the latest information.

You can also map enriched data like Job title, Linkedin Profile, company address from Clearbit back to HubSpot.

It’s time to stop manually enriching your leads. You just have to connect your HubSpot & Clearbit accounts in, enable this ready to use integration template and you’re good to go!

HubSpot’s in-built company insights clubbed with this automation will supercharge your contact segmentation, improve lead scoring and make your sales outreach super effective.

How it works?

  • Step 1: This Bot runs whenever there is a new contact in HubSpot

  • Step 2: Clearbit then looks up & enriches the contact based on email

  • Step 3: The bot then pushes the enriched data from Clearbit back to the contact in HubSpot

Apps you need

  • HubSpot

    HubSpot is a leading all-in-one inbound marketing software that comes with content marketing, SEO, landing pages, lead management, marketing automation and more.

  • Clearbit

    Clearbit provides APIs to lookup person or company information based on email or name.



No coding. No change in your apps. Setup and get going in 2 minutes.


Runs on secure HTTPS channel & all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format.


Used by 1000+ organizations globally - big and small. Live chat support available.

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