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A new task on your HubSpot CRM means it is time to take action;be it following up with a prospect, contacting a lead, preparing a report, etc. If your sales & marketing teams use a different tool, say Asana, to track such tasks, you may want to copy each of those tasks to HubSpot to properly monitor them.

But why waste your time by doing it manually when we’ve got a solution for you? This readymade Asana to HubSpot integration template will run every time a new task is created in Asana and automatically copies those details and creates a task in HubSpot. It will allow you to manage all your tasks efficiently and ensure that every task is completed before its due date.

You can map task details from Asana to relevant fields in HubSpot like task name, task notes and also define the owner and task status in HubSpot. Just connect your HubSpot and Asana accounts to, turn on the integration and you’re done.

How it works?

  • 1

    This Bot will run every time a new task is created in Asana.

  • 2

    It will then automatically push those details and create a task in HubSpot.

Apps you need

  • Asana

    Asana is a project management application for teams of all sizes, available on web and mobile

  • HubSpot CRM

    Manage and grow your sales pipeline with HubSpot CRM for Free. Enrich leads, track emails, make calls and more.


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