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Create Trello card from new JIRA issue

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Teams are more productive and deliver better results when everyone is on the same page. Having a card in Trello for every new JIRA issue makes it easy to track self-work, collaborate with key stakeholders and check on deadlines. With this Trello & JIRA Integration template, you can create a brand new Trello card with all the information for every new JIRA issue raised. You can choose which team member’s board the card needs to be created and set a due date for it. Just connect your Trello and JIRA in, activate this Bot and you are done.

How it works?

  • Step 1: This Bot runs whenever a new issue is reported in JIRA

  • Step 2: It creates a new card under a specified board and list in Trello

Apps you need

  • Jira

    Jira is a popular project management tool for software development. Plan your project, track progress and analyze.

  • Trello

    Trello is a new age collaboration and project management tool that brings your team together on the same page.

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