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Quickly Notify on Slack upon a New Record in ServiceNow

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Are you having a hard time in quickly resolving service issues? This ServiceNow - Slack integration, will help you to instantly notify anyone on Slack, leading to resolve time going down dramatically!

With this template, whenever a new record is created in ServiceNow, a direct message will be sent in Slack. What’s more, you can design the Slack message to be information rich and actionable!

This integration template helps you sit back and let the automation do the work for you. Just connect your ServiceNow & Slack accounts in, activate this Bot and you are done.

How it works?

  • Step 1: This bot will work whenever a new record is created in ServiceNow.

  • Step 2: Based on the data fields chosen by you, the bot sends a direct Slack message

Apps you need

  • ServiceNow

    ServiceNow is a leading solution for business operations and IT management solution. It helps enterprises run IT, HR and customer service operations effectively.

  • Slack

    Slack is a new generation communication application. It unites your team and your apps for better information sharing and collaboration.



No coding. No change in your apps. Setup and get going in 2 minutes.


Runs on secure HTTPS channel & all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format.


Used by 1000+ organizations globally - big and small. Live chat support available.

Automate Work. Have Fun!

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