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Send an email using Office 365 for every new contact on Salesforce

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Want to build a relationship with a follow-up email for every new Salesforce contact but don’t have the time to do that manually?

This Office 365 - Salesforce integration template solves that problem for you. You can easily map fields that you want such as Contact Email Address from your Salesforce to Office 365, and add a personalized subject line, email body, etc.

With this template, Office 365 will automatically send a new email every time a new contact is created on your Salesforce. Just connect your Office 365 and Salesforce accounts in, turn this Bot on and you are done!

How it works?

  • Step 1: This Bot runs whenever a new contact is created on your Salesforce.

  • Step 2: A new email is sent to that contact using Office 365.

Apps you need

  • Salesforce

    Salesforce is a leading cloud sales platform with diverse CRM functionality on multiple devices and robust app marketplace.

  • Office 365

    Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft's suite of office products - documents, email, calendaring and more.



No coding. No change in your apps. Setup and get going in 2 minutes.


Runs on secure HTTPS channel & all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format.


Used by 1000+ organizations globally - big and small. Live chat support available.

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