Sync Google Form entries with Google Calendar

Use Google Forms to let prospects book meeting with you? A sync between your form entries of booking meetings with your Google Calendar can help you stay organized.

This Google Form and Google Calendar integration template will help you get away with the manual entering of events and make meetings more accessible from anywhere. Just connect your Google Calendar and Google Sheets in, activate this Bot and you are done. You can also map the data from the form entries (for example - event start time, end time, invitees etc.) to your fields in calendar event accordingly.

How it works

  • This Bot runs whenever there is a new form entry in Google Forms
  • It creates a new event in the specified Google Calendar as per the data in the form entry

What is

Too many apps and lot of chaos? helps you get organized and saves time. Create Bots that do your repetitive tasks, sync data, and handle complex workflows.

Google Calendar to Google Forms

Sync Google Form entries with Google Calendar

Apps you need

  • Gather data or run surveys online with Google Forms. Create Forms easily, share the link and gather responses to Google sheets.

  • Google calendar is an online calendar application. Manage your schedule and tasks from web and mobile apps.

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