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Sync new Google Sheets rows with Airtable records

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If you are working with a spreadsheet and a database simultaneously to store data, keeping them up to date can be tough. You need to regularly switch between the two apps and perform some tedious copy-and-paste work until you’re tired. Save yourself from such a headache using this readymade Google Sheets to Airtable integration template.

When you use this template, every time there is a new row in your Google spreadsheet, a new record will be automatically created in your Airtable database. You can even map the fields you have from your Google spreadsheet to your Airtable so that your data stays in sync.

Simply connect your Google Sheets and Airtable accounts to, map the required fields and turn on this integration.

How it works?

  • Step 1: This Bot runs whenever there is a new row in your Google spreadsheet.

  • Step 2: creates a record for that row in your Airtable database.

Apps you need

  • Google Sheets

    Google Sheets is a fully featured web spreadsheet application that is also available on major mobile platforms. Create, share and collaborate on spreadsheets on web and mobile.

  • Airtable

    Airtable is a simple and modern database to organize anything.



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