Create New Trello Cards from Rows in Google Sheets

You can transfer the data from Google Sheets to your Trello card with this Google Sheets and Trello integration template. Just connect your accounts in, activate the Bot and you are done. Every time you fill a new row in Google Sheets, a Trello card will be created with the details customized by you. You can also map the Google Sheets fields into the description of your Trello card.

How it works

  • This Bot runs whenever a new row is added in Google Sheets
  • Based on the data fields chosen by you, the bot sends the new row data in Google Sheets to your Trello account
  • A new card in Trello will be made based on the Google Sheets data

What is

Too many apps and lot of chaos? helps you get organized and saves time. Create Bots that do your repetitive tasks, sync data, and handle complex workflows.

Trello to Google Sheets

Create New Trello Cards from Rows in Google Sheets

Apps you need

  • Google Sheets is a fully featured web spreadsheet application that is also available on major mobile platforms. Create, share and collaborate on spreadsheets on web and mobile.

  • Trello is a new age collaboration and project management tool that brings your team together on the same page.

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