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Sync new Stripe customers to Shopify

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You regularly acquire customers on Stripe. Great! But, developing a relationship and retaining them depends on how much you know about them. If you’re a Shopify-powered business, you’ll need to have the latest customer information at all times.

Forget about doing a manual copy-and-paste and take the help of this readymade Stripe to Shopify integration template. When you activate this integration, every time there is a new customer in your Stripe account, will take those details and add a customer in your Shopify account. If it’s an existing customer with any change in the details, the customer information will be updated. All the important details such as Customer name, Email address, Phone, Account balance, etc. can be mapped from Stripe to your Shopify account.

Just connect your Stripe and Shopify accounts to and activate this integration.

How it works?

  • Step 1: This Bot runs whenever there is a new customer in Stripe.

  • Step 2: takes those details and creates a customer on Shopify.

Apps you need

  • Stripe

    Stripe provides powerful APIs for recurring billing and online payments. Ideal for subscription and e-commerce business to accept payments from around the world.

  • Shopify

    Create your online store and sell online with Shopify. Manage inventory, market products online and receive payments.



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Runs on secure HTTPS channel & all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format.


Used by 1000+ organizations globally - big and small. Live chat support available.

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