Lead management is crucial when you have a high volume of leads coming into your pipeline. It is important for all your lead and customer data to be in-sync, as it provides your sales and marketing teams with a 360-degree view of the customer and helps them in creating experiences according to their stage in the buyer’s journey.

Héctor Martinez, IT Technician at HHP Spain, faced a similar challenge of keeping all their customer data in-sync across apps and their Contact Center database, which he managed to solve through automation and saved his team 30 hours every week.

1. About Home Health Products

Team HHP Spain
Team HHP Spain

Founded in 2000, HHP Spain is the Spanish subsidiary of Home Health Products, a multinational company with more than 250 employees and a presence in more than 40 countries.

HHP deals with developing, manufacturing, and distributing high-tech medical and therapeutic equipment for clinical applications to continuously work towards their goal of helping people lead a healthier, more active life.

2. The Pain Point


HHP Spain’s sales team operates out of a Contact Center, where they follow-up with all their inbound leads and try to schedule appointments. To ensure their 20-people sales team functions smoothly, it’s crucial for them to consolidate all their inbound leads from different sources into their CRM and keep their CRM in-sync with their Contact Center database 24/7 as it also helps them minimize the delay in sending the first response and schedule appointments faster.

HHP Spain was earlier using SuiteCRM to store all their leads. To keep SuiteCRM in-sync with their Contact Center database they wrote a short PHP code. However, it proved inefficient as they faced a lot of sync issues due to the volume which affected their sales team’s productivity.

Later, when they made the switch to Salesforce, Héctor Martinez, IT Technician at HHP Spain, realized the need for a solution that allowed them to keep Salesforce and their Contact Center database in-sync without any coding. That’s when he came across Automate.io and decided to automate their lead management process.

3. How HHP Automated Lead Management Using Webhooks

When Héctor Martinez, IT Technician at HHP, Spain was looking for a solution, one of the key criteria for deciding was the use of webhooks since he wanted to set up 2-way sync between their Contact Center database and Salesforce.

I tested 2-3 tools that supported webhooks but no one fulfilled the use-case we were looking to achieve except Automate.io. Automate.io was more complete than any other tools I tested for this task. – Héctor Martinez, IT Technician, HHP

Along with our Webhooks app, Héctor also used our other in-house power tools like Filters, Formatters, and Lookup Table to customize the integration according to his needs and automated HHP Spain’s entire lead management process.

HHP Spain uses Automate.io to sync all their leads from different sources like Facebook Lead Ads to Salesforce. Once all the leads are synced, it then uses the Webhooks app to keep Salesforce in-sync with their Contact Center database.

Here are some Bots set up by HHP Spain to automate lead management:

4. Key Benefits

  • Using Automate.io, HHP Spain saves 30 hours every week.
  • They’ve been able to seamlessly sync Salesforce with their in-house Contact Center database without any coding.
  • With their entire lead management automated and a 360-degree customer view at their disposal, HHP Spain’s sales team was able to minimize first response time and schedule appointments faster.
  • It also helped them in analyzing their sales performance and improve their decision-making process.

5. Customer Testimonial

“Before Automate.io, we manually integrated our Contact Center with Suite CRM that resulted in a lot of errors beyond our control. Once we switched to Salesforce, we started using Automate.io to keep our Contact Center Database and Salesforce in-sync without any coding and it has worked great for us!”