Customer experience has now become one of the key differentiating factors why a consumer chooses you over the competition. A research by Forrester confirms, “Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5-7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.”

Therefore, if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve it’s important to invest in improving your customer experience and that’s exactly what one of our customers realized. See how they used ActiveCampaign and to deliver a personalized customer experience that is all set to drive them 2X revenue this year.

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About Velites Sport

Team Velites Sport
Team Velites Sport

After his own underwhelming experience with jump ropes at a Crossfit gym in Spain, Matias Hernandez, Co-Founder, and CEO of Velites Sport, decided to build his own jump ropes to train better. People in his gym liked the new jump ropes Matias was using for Crossfit, and he got 17 orders in a day, that’s how Velites Sport started in 2015.

Today, Velites Sport is amongst the most trusted health and fitness brands in Spain, and they also collaborate with athletes across the world. Velites products are customizable with accessories allowing users to achieve greater sensitivity, speed, resistance, and strength, thereby enabling fitness enthusiasts to be healthier and feel better.

The Pain Point

Apart from selling their products online, team Velites also created fitness courses to educate their customers. However, they later realized that their fitness courses could play a massive role in increasing their brand awareness than just educating their customers.

That’s when they set out to create a compelling post-purchase experience that recommends courses based on their customer’s purchase history. By doing so, they wanted to achieve three things:

  1. Educate customers on how to use their Velites equipment professionally.
  2. Drive repeat purchases through personalized product recommendations.
  3. Create an experience that wows their customers.

While it was a great idea, team Velites had a lot of trouble implementing it as their email marketing software limited them in designing the email automations they had in mind. That’s when they decided to upgrade their marketing stack.

Velites chose ActiveCampaign to orchestrate the creation of personalized emails and automated experiences for their customers, Unbounce to design engaging landing pages, and Typeform to collect leads. In contrast, Shopify stayed the platform of choice to run their eCommerce store.

Now all that was required was an integration platform that allowed them to seamlessly connect and create workflows across these apps. After evaluating a lot of iPaas platforms, team Velites decided to go with as it was easier to use and provided them with better integration capabilities.

How Velites Improved their Customer Experience Using ActiveCampaign and

Talking of the Bots they created using, Matias Hernandez picks his top three Bots that made the personalized shopping experience a reality for them.

The first Bot that has been instrumental in improving their customer experience is the ‘Post-purchase engagement’ Bot, says Matias. The Bot gets triggered right after a purchase is made in their Shopify store, it then adds those customers as contacts in ActiveCampaign and also enrolls them in their Welcome automation sequence.

From there on, the heavy lifting is done by the Welcome automation sequence set up on ActiveCampaign which sends them a personalized welcome email from their customer support team. The email also reassures their customers that if they need any help – they’re just an email away. One of the other emails in this Welcome automation sequence is sent to their customers after two weeks of using the product, asking them to leave a review in exchange for a product discount or an exclusive offer. This particular email has helped Velites Sport scale their reviews on Google from 1 to 1.5k in the last year.

Thanks to this automation powered by ActiveCampaign and, we have an average rating of 4.9 stars on Google that has increased our brand advocacy and sales, says Matias.

“The customer insights we get from ActiveCampaign and their powerful automation capabilities is what makes it the best solution for us.” – Matias Hernandez, CEO, and Co-Founder, Velites Sport

The second Bot helps them in effectively segmenting their audience by automatically tagging contacts in ActiveCampaign based on their Typeform and Unbounce responses. Talking about what happens in the foreground Matias elaborates, saying, “Once our customers have the first experience with us via a lead ad, our blog landing page or any other sources we enroll them in another ActiveCampaign nurturing sequence. The email sends them a link to an Unbounce landing page with a Typeform that helps us understand our customers better – their designation, the products they’re interested in, and the goals they want to achieve. Once we have this information, we use to apply relevant tags in ActiveCampaign which then triggers a nurturing sequence based on their preferences enabling us to create a truly personalized experience for our customers.”

“ sits in between all of the apps we use. It enabled us to seamlessly integrate ActiveCampaign with Shopify, Unbounce, and Typeform without any coding.” – Matias Hernandez, CEO, and Co-Founder, Velites Sport

The third Bot they set up was to automate an online competition they conducted in Spain to promote exercising at home and staying fit amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They captured leads using Facebook and further used ActiveCampaign to create emails and design specific marketing automations to engage their leads. Facebook lead ads automation set up using ActiveCampaign and reduced their Cost Per Lead by half. With over 3,000 people participating, it’s one of our most successful marketing campaigns and we plan to do it worldwide next year, says Matias.

Here are some of the Bots that helped Velites Sport in improving their customer experience:

Our approach to marketing has changed since we started using and ActiveCampaign, Matias points out. saves them ten hours every week and team Velites has been using this time to create evergreen content and launch new products that will further help them in attracting more customers.

Key Wins

  • saves them ten hours every week.
  • Repeat purchases for Velites grew by 5X after implementing ActiveCampaign and
  • They’re forecasting 100% revenue growth in 2020 due to the customer experience automations in place.
  • They managed to scale their reviews on Google from 1 to 1.5k in a year.
  • Using Facebook Lead Ads automation reduced Cost Per Lead by half for Velites Sport.

Customer Testimonial

“We are forecasting 2X growth in revenue compared to last year because of the personalized post-shopping experience we were able to create using ActiveCampaign and”

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