Most companies today prefer using the best in class solutions for different functions such as sales, marketing, and support than using an all in one solution as the former gives them more flexibility and granular control. One of the main concerns that businesses have with using multiple apps is how they’ll get them to seamlessly work with each other. Why? Keeping these apps in sync manually amounts to a lot of overhead and is simply inefficient.

One of our clients was faced with a similar problem when they decided to use multiple apps for their marketing and sales processes. And, this is the story of how they were able to solve it with marketing automation and save 40 hours every month. 

About Quorum:

Founded in the year 2010, Quorum is a leader in instant data recovery, enabling IT teams to provide business continuity and the fastest recovery from server downtime in the industry. What was initially developed to win a military contract has now evolved into a powerful platform delivering backup, one-click instant recovery, deduplication, replication, automated recovery testing, and extensible archiving, all delivered as a hardware appliance, virtual machine, or as cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). 

Quorum has offices in the US and the UK serving customers worldwide. It’s used by businesses of all sizes that prefer easy installation, flexible deployment options, and fast recovery time.

Quorum Team

The Pain Point

Quorum started off by using Act-On as their all-in-one marketing platform and while they were able to successfully carry out all their demand generation, sales, and customer marketing activities, the platform proved to be a little expensive for them.

To reduce costs and gain more granular control, the team at Quorum decided to use best in class solutions for different processes instead of an all in one solution. 

Here’s the stack they picked:

  • Unbounce - To create their landing pages and generate leads
  • ActiveCampaign and GoToWebinar to nurture them, 
  • Salesforce to manage their pipeline and close deals faster.

Quorum's Automation Stack

While all these apps work great out of the box on their own, the next challenge for team Quorum was to make these apps work together and streamline their processes as their team was spending a lot of time to manually keep these apps in-sync and it was proving to be very inefficient for them. 


How Quorum integrates its marketing stack with

Quorum was on the lookout for a platform that not only allows them to integrate their marketing stack but enables them to create workflow automations customized to their needs without any tech help.

“Other automation platforms we explored had limited functionality.’s deeper integrations with the apps we wanted to connect made it our go-to choice.”

- Victor Cheung, Quorum, Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

Once they decided to go ahead with, Victor, who leads the marketing team at Quorum set up multiple workflows to automate their entire customer journey. One of the important Bots they rely on helps in lead nurturing and makes it easier for them to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. 

It’s a four-step Bot that runs every time they capture a lead from their multiple ongoing campaigns using an Unbounce form, it then segments those leads based on their campaign source and adds them as a campaign member in Salesforce, it then adds them to ActiveCampaign so they can nurture via email.

As a part of the lead nurturing process, Quorum also conducts a series of webinars to educate their prospects on the importance of cloud backup and how disaster recovery helps mitigate the risks of ransomware. They use Unbounce to create a high converting landing page and collect the leads for their webinar and then they automatically add them as registrants in GoToWebinar using This simple automation helps their team get rid of the manual data entry work and allows them to focus on creating content and scale their lead nurturing efforts.

By automating their sales funnel, Victor saved 40 hours every month, eliminated all errors that happened due to manual data entry, and was able to measure the success of their campaigns easily. Victor’s team used the time saved by in creating and testing more campaigns that increased their lead generation by 1.5x and in-turn driving more revenue for Quorum.

We’ve broken down some of marketing workflows used by Quorum below:

  • Add Unbounce leads as Salesforce leads and Campaign Member

Add new Google Sheet rows as ActiveCampaign contacts

  • Add Unbounce leads as GoToWebinar registrants

Key Wins

  • Quorum saves 40 hours every month using
  • Integrating their entire marketing and sales stack helped Quorum consolidate their customer data and improve team efficiency.
  • 1.5x leads generated by focusing on demand generation activities

Customer Testimonial:

“ has helped us eliminate repetitive manual work and increase our team efficiency. With, we’ve been able to save 40 hours every month and grow our funnel by 1.5x by focusing more on-demand generation activities than being involved in the grunt work.”

- Victor Cheung, Marketing, Quorum