Most people think it’s tough to run a Shopify store with a small team and that managing everything from marketing to sales and support is a herculean task. Truth be told it is, but it doesn’t have to be. The secret? E-Commerce Automation.

See how Shopify marketing automation helped one of our clients save eight hours every week, keep their customers engaged and boost their sales by 40% all while operating at a lean team size of four people.

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About Boost Collective

Damian and Ronan were both working in the music industry as producers in 2017 when they saw how difficult it was for independent musicians to succeed in the industry, that’s when the duo decided to help indie artists in their pursuit with Boost Collective.

Boost Collective is a music promotion and marketing platform that equips musicians with the right tools and training to succeed in the music industry. They specialize in organizing music promotion campaigns with 7 more courses under their belt from music networking to getting gigs.

Boost Collective Team

The Pain Point

Boost Collective uses Shopify as their eCommerce platform, HubSpot for email marketing, and JotForm for lead collection. When they started out they used to manually export contact data from Shopify and JotForm then add those contacts to a nurturing workflow in HubSpot.

As their business grew this repetitive but important task proved to be very time-consuming for them and they realized Shopify marketing automation was going to be the key in scaling Boost Collective while operating at a lean team size of four. That’s when they set out in search of a solution that allowed them to connect all their apps and automate their repetitive tasks so that they can focus more on revenue-generating activities.

How Boost Collective Automates Their Shopify Store

An automation journey that started for Boost Collective with a simple integration to export their JotForm entries for artist management to Google Sheets quickly turned into them automating most of their processes and building out experiences that keep their leads engaged at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

One such Bot that helps Boost Collective in engaging their leads is the abandoned cart automation. The Bot runs every time a cart is abandoned in their Shopify enabled store, segments the customers based on their abandoned checkout age and SKU parameters set by Boost Collective, it then adds them to their respective nurturing workflows in HubSpot. Boost Collective has set up different instances of this Bot based on their courses and it has helped them increase their abandoned cart recovery revenue by 57%.

“ lets us really connect with our customers by allowing us to upsell and follow-up with them in a way we never did before. It gave us the flexibility to engage with our customers in a much more personalized and tailored way.” – Damian Barbu, Co-Founder, Boost Collective

Boost Collective also uses to sync back customer purchase history from Shopify to HubSpot. This data used along with our Formatter and Filter apps helps Boost Collective in better customer segmentation and upselling their customers.

Here are some of the Bots used by Boost Collective to put their Shopify store on auto-pilot:

Here are some of our other popular Shopify automations:

By using these Shopify marketing automations, Damian and his team have been able to save 8 hours a week. They now use this time in improving and creating more courses to help musicians succeed and in doing so succeeding in scaling their eCommerce business.

Key Wins

  • Boost Collective saves 8 hours every week using
  • Abandoned cart recovery revenue for Boost Collective increased by 57%.
  • Our in-house tools helped Boost Collective in better customer segmentation and upselling their customers.
  • The time saved helped Boost Collective create more courses for musicians.

Customer Testimonial

“With saving us eight hours a week, we were able to focus on building better solutions for musicians which in-turn helped us significantly grow our revenue.”