IFTTT Alternative

Automate.io is a great alternative to IFTTT that allows you to connect all your work apps. Create simple point to point integrations or complex multi-app workflows.

How it is Better

Easy Integration

IFTTT alternatives

Create your integrations across multiple apps on a single page with easy drag-drop field mapping.

Automate Office Work

IFTTT for Office work

Create work recipes to automate manual office work. End manual data entry once and for all. Connect your landing pages, marketing and CRM apps in minutes.

50+ Apps

Connect apps

Supports 50+ popular business apps including marketing, sales, project management, email, helpdesk among others.

Creat Workflows

Workflow automation

Automate internal and customer workflows across multiple apps. Automate marketing emails, sales process, or any internal workflows.

IFTTT alternative workflow

What is Automate.io?

Connect all your cloud apps together and do awesome stuff with Automate.io. Sync data, do automated actions or run workflows. Put your business on autopilot.

How it works.

  • 1. Add all your work apps (Gmail, Trello, Salesforce etc) in Automate.io
  • 2. Define a Trigger condition (like new email in Gmail)
  • 3. Define one or more Actions to be done (like new Contact in CRM)
Automate.io performs all your actions when the trigger happens. As easy as that.

Automate Work. Have Fun.

Get going in minutes. No credit card required.