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GitHub is a leading development platform that allows developers to collaboratively manage code and build software

Popular GitHub Integrations

  • GitHub ServiceNow

    Add a Record in ServiceNow on a New Issue in GitHub

  • GitHub Slack

    Send a Direct Message in Slack on a New Issue in GitHub

  • GitHub Gmail

    Send an email in Gmail on a New Issue in GitHub

  • GitHub Office 365

    Send an Email in Office 365 on a New Issue in GitHub

  • GitHub Jira

    Add Issue in Jira on a New Issue in GitHub

  • Zendesk GitHub

    Add an Issue in GitHub on a New Ticket in Zendesk

  • GitHub Zoho Mail

    Send an Email in Zoho Mail on a New Issue in GitHub

  • GitHub Trello

    Add or Update a Card in Trello on a New Issue in GitHub

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Things You Can Do With GitHub


  • New Issue

    Triggers when an issue is created
  • New Commit

    Triggers on a push to a repository branch
  • Issue Labeled

    Triggers when an issue is labeled
  • New Collaborator

    Triggers when you add a new collaborator
  • New Mention

    Triggers when a user is mentioned
  • New Release

    Triggers when a release is published
  • New Repository

    Triggers when a new repository is created
  • New Branch

    Triggers when a new branch is created
  • New Pull Request

    Triggers when a new pull request is created
  • Pull Request Labeled

    Triggers when a pull request is labeled


  • Add an Issue

    Create an issue
  • Search issue

    Search Issues
  • Add a Collaborator

    Add a collaborator to the repository
  • Search Repository

    Search Repositories
  • Search User

    Search Users

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