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GitHub and Stripe Integration

Automate Stripe invoicing and payment processing. Automate internal processes effectively. Do much more by connecting GitHub and Stripe.

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Popular Integrations

  • Stripe - New Customer GitHub - Add a Collaborator

    Add a Collaborator in GitHub on a New Customer in Stripe

  • Stripe - New Dispute GitHub - Add an Issue

    Add an Issue in GitHub on a New Dispute in Stripe

  • Stripe - New Customer GitHub - Add an Issue

    Add an Issue in GitHub on a New Customer in Stripe

Looking for something else?

Create your own Integration

Connect GitHub and Stripe the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

When This Happens

  • GitHub - New Issue

    New Issue

    Triggers when an issue is created
  • GitHub - New Commit

    New Commit

    Triggers on a push to a repository branch
  • GitHub - Issue Labeled

    Issue Labeled

    Triggers when an issue is labeled
  • GitHub - New Collaborator

    New Collaborator

    Triggers when you add a new collaborator
  • GitHub - New Mention

    New Mention

    Triggers when a user is mentioned
  • GitHub - New Release

    New Release

    Triggers when a release is published
  • GitHub - New Repository

    New Repository

    Triggers when a new repository is created
  • GitHub - New Branch

    New Branch

    Triggers when a new branch is created
  • GitHub - New Pull Request

    New Pull Request

    Triggers when a new pull request is created
  • GitHub - Pull Request Labeled

    Pull Request Labeled

    Triggers when a pull request is labeled
  • Stripe - New Payment (Charge)

    New Payment (Charge)

    Triggers when a credit card payment is successful
  • Stripe - New Customer

    New Customer

    Triggers when a new Customer is Created
  • Stripe - New Invoice

    New Invoice

    Triggers when an Invoice is Created
  • Stripe - New Subscription

    New Subscription

    Triggers when a new Subscription is Created
  • Stripe - Order Payment Succeeded

    Order Payment Succeeded

    Triggers when an Order Payment is successful
  • Stripe - New Order

    New Order

    Triggers when a new Order is Created
  • Stripe - Charge Failed

    Charge Failed

    Triggers when a charge has failed
  • Stripe - New Dispute

    New Dispute

    Triggers when a new Dispute is Created
  • Stripe - Subscription Status Changed

    Subscription Status Changed

    Triggers When The Subscription Status Changes
  • Stripe - Charge Refunded

    Charge Refunded

    Triggers when charge is Refunded
  • Stripe - New Product

    New Product

    Triggers when a new Product is Created
  • Stripe - Invoice Payment Succeeded

    Invoice Payment Succeeded

    Triggers when an Invoice payment attempt succeeds
  • Stripe - Subscription Cancelled

    Subscription Cancelled

    Triggers when a customer cancels a subscription
  • Stripe - Order Payment Failed

    Order Payment Failed

    Triggers when an Order Payment is failed
  • Stripe - Invoice Sent

    Invoice Sent

    Triggers when an Invoice email is sent out
  • Stripe - Subscription Deleted

    Subscription Deleted

    Triggers when a Subscription is Deleted
  • Stripe - Subscription Updated

    Subscription Updated

    Triggers when a Subscription is Updated
  • Stripe - Trial Will End

    Trial Will End

    Triggers three days before a subscription's trial period is scheduled to end
  • Stripe - Customer Deleted

    Customer Deleted

    Triggers when customer is Deleted

Do this

  • Stripe - Search a Customer

    Search a Customer

    Search Customers based on Stripe id of the Customer
  • Stripe - Add a Customer

    Add a Customer

    Adds a new Customer
  • Stripe - Add a Product

    Add a Product

    Adds a new Product
  • Stripe - Search Charges

    Search Charges

    Searches an existing Charge based on Charge Id or Customer Id
  • Stripe - Search Invoices

    Search Invoices

    Searches an existing Invoice based on Invoice Id or Customer Id
  • Stripe - Search Subscriptions

    Search Subscriptions

    Searches an existing Subscription based on Subscription Id or Customer Id
  • GitHub - Add an Issue

    Add an Issue

    Create an issue
  • GitHub - Search issue

    Search issue

    Search Issues
  • GitHub - Add a Collaborator

    Add a Collaborator

    Add a collaborator to the repository
  • GitHub - Search Repository

    Search Repository

    Search Repositories
  • GitHub - Search User

    Search User

    Search Users

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Create your custom integration by selecting the Trigger event and Action to be performed.

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