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Create Gmail Workflows

Run workflows spanning across your Project Management, Gmail and Marketing apps.
Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.

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Project Management

Gmail Workflow
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What you can do?

Automate Emails

gmail autoresponder

Send automated email messages through your Gmail when a landing page form is filled, setup autoresponders.

Drip Email Marketing

Gmail drip email

Setup drip email sequence via Gmail without a drip marketing software. Connect your web forms, Gmail & CRM and crate drip marketing workflows in minutes.

Integrate with CRM

Integrate Gmail and CRM

Tightly integrate Gmail with your CRM. Automatically push new emails to CRM, send welcome emails, or notify people when things happen in your CRM.

Do Crazy Stuff

gmail workflows

Connect Gmail with other cloud apps in crazy ways and run automated workflows. Make your business smarter and more productive.

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