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Gmail is a popular email service from Google for individuals and businesses.

Things You Can Do With Gmail


  • New Conversation

    Triggers when a new conversation (thread) starts.
  • Labelled Conversation

    Triggers when you add a Label to an email conversation
  • New Label Created

    Triggers when a new Label is created
  • New Email

    Triggers when there is a new email. You can optionally provide a search criteria or folder/label.
  • Starred Email

    Triggers when you Star a conversation or email received in the last 3 days


  • Send an Email

    Send an Email from your account
  • Add Label to Email

    Add Label to an Email
  • Archive an Email

    Archive a specific conversation
  • Create new Label

    Create a new Label
  • Remove Label from Email

    Remove an existing Label(s) from a specific conversation
  • Search an Email

    Search Emails
  • Star an Email

    Star a specific conversation
  • Add a Draft

    Create a draft email in your account
  • Check Email Reply

    Checks if an email was replied to
  • Reply to a Conversation

    Send a Reply email in Conversation

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Project Management

Gmail Workflow


Run workflows spanning across your Project Management, Gmail and Marketing apps. Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.

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