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Popular Google Forms Integrations

google-forms google-calendar

Create Google Calendar events from Google Form entries

Google Forms is an easy way to capture information. If you have a form that collects meeting details from say, your potential customers, you can convert them into events on your Google Calendar. But, instead of creating each new event manually, use this readymade Google Forms & Google Calendar Template. With this integration, every new Google Form entry will be turned into an event on your Google Calendar automatically. You can also map the data from the form entries (for example - event start time, end time, invitees, etc.) to relevant fields in the Google Calendar event accordingly. Get away with manually entering the events and makes your meetings more organized.

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This Bot runs whenever there is a new form entry in Google Forms.

  • Step 2:

    It creates a new event in the specified Google Calendar as per the data in the form entry.

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google-forms hubspot

Add New Leads from Google Forms to a Workflow in HubSpot

Google Forms is one of the best free ways to generate leads and run customer surveys for your business. Be it the new leads or any customer-related data, syncing Google Form entries with your HubSpot CRM makes it easier to nurture these leads on time. This is where Google Forms + HubSpot integration by can come in handy. This automation will trigger every time you get a new lead from Google Forms, add them as a contact in HubSpot and automatically enroll them in a workflow on HubSpot. This bot will help you communicate with your leads on time and nurture them. You can map fields from Google Forms to relevant fields in HubSpot and also control which workflow they get enrolled in. All you have to do is connect your Google Forms and HubSpot accounts in and enable this ready to use bot template. Stop wasting your precious work hours doing data entry, leave the repetitive work to our bots

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This bot will trigger every time you get a new lead from Google Forms

  • Step 2: will then push those leads as contacts in HubSpot

  • Step 3:

    Once they are added as contacts they will be auto-enrolled in your selected workflow on HubSpot

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google-forms mailchimp

Create Mailchimp subscribers on new submissions in Google Forms

Do you want to add your leads collected from Google Forms directly to your email marketing app? Using this template, you can reach out to your leads immediately using Mailchimp, without wasting any time in switching between apps. In this Google Forms & Mailchimp integration template, whenever you get a new submission in your Google Form, automatically a subscriber will be created in Mailchimp with that data. Additionally, you can map current time from Google Forms to know the exact time when the form was submitted. If you want to wish your leads on their birthdays from Mailchimp, make sure your Google Form has an input field for it. Just connect your Google Forms & Mailchimp accounts in, choose the data you want to map, activate the bot & you are done. Waste no time in reaching out to your leads now!

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This bot runs when you get a new submission in your Google Forms.

  • Step 2:

    Then this bot will automatically add a subscriber in your Mailchimp account from the data mapped from Google Forms.

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google-forms mailchimp

Unsubscribe from Mailchimp list on new Google Form submissions

It's never a celebration when customers opt-out of your email list. But it's best to unsubscribe them whenever they want. However, you wouldn’t want to do this for every customer who requests to be unsubscribed. It’s time-consuming, so let this readymade Google Forms and Mailchimp integration template take over for you instead. With this integration, every time there is a new submission on your unsubscribe form, subscriber will be automatically unsubscribed from your Mailchimp list. All you have to do is connect your Google Forms and Mailchimp accounts, map the appropriate fields from Google Forms to those in Mailchimp, and activate this Bot. It is that easy! And, hopefully, you can win them back in the future. But, for now, will clean your email lists for you.

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This Bot runs whenever there is a new Google Forms submission.

  • Step 2: removes that subscriber from your Mailchimp list.

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Google Forms Google Sheets

Add a Row in Google Sheets on a New Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms

Google Forms Mailchimp

Add or Update a Subscriber in Mailchimp on a New Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms

Google Forms AWeber

Add a Subscriber in AWeber on a New Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms

Google Forms ServiceNow

Add a Record in ServiceNow on a New Response in Spreadsheet in Google Forms

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Things You Can Do With Google Forms


  • New Response in Spreadsheet

    Triggers when a new response row is added to the bottom of a spreadsheet.


  • Add a Response

    Create a new response/entry (row) in a specific spreadsheet.
  • Search Response

    Searches a response based on column value

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