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Google Sheets and Shopify Integration

Sync Shopify customer data, automate your entire order processing. Create new rows, search and update them in Google Sheets. Do much more by connecting Google Sheets and Shopify.

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Popular Integrations

  • Shopify - New Order
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Save new Shopify orders as rows on Google Sheets

    So, you want to keep track of every order you get on your Shopify store? Google Sheets is a handy tool for that. It can help you collect all your orders in one place, discover new trends, and draw insights with its advanced analysis features. All of that is great, but the headache starts when you have to manually add each new order data from Shopify to your Google spreadsheet.

    With this readymade Shopify and Google Sheets integration template, that problem is solved. When you use this integration, information from every new Shopify order will be stored in a new row in Google Sheets automatically. You can customize this template to your specific needs by adding notes that will help you keep track of additional order details like ‘Does the buyer accept marketing?’ or ‘Were the discount codes applied to this order?’, etc.

    All you need to do is connect your Shopify and Google Sheets accounts to and turn on this integration. Meanwhile, you can sip a cup of coffee and relax.

    How it works?

    • 1

      This Bot runs whenever you get a new order in your Shopify store.

    • 2

      It will automatically store all the order information in a new row in Google Sheets.

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  • Shopify - New Customer
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a New Customer in Shopify

  • Google Sheets - New Row
    Shopify - Add or Update Customer

    Add or Update Customer in Shopify on a New Row in Google Sheets

  • Shopify - Updated Customer
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a Updated Customer in Shopify

  • Shopify - Abandoned Cart
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a Abandoned Cart in Shopify

  • Shopify - New Fulfillment Event
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a New Fulfillment Event in Shopify

  • Shopify - New Fulfilled Order
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a New Fulfilled Order in Shopify

  • Shopify - Updated Order
    Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a Updated Order in Shopify

Looking for something else?

Create your own Integration

Connect Google Sheets and Shopify the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

When this happens

  • Google Sheets - New Row

    New Row

    Triggers when a new row is added in a worksheet.

  • Google Sheets - New or Updated Row

    New or Updated Row

    Triggers when a new row is added or existing row is updated in a worksheet

  • Google Sheets - New Spreadsheet

    New Spreadsheet

    Triggers when a new spreadsheet is created.

  • Google Sheets - New Worksheet

    New Worksheet

    Triggers when a new worksheet is created.

  • Shopify - Abandoned Cart

    Abandoned Cart

    Triggers when the shopping cart is abandoned

  • Shopify - Updated Customer

    Updated Customer

    Triggers when a Customer is updated

  • Shopify - New Customer

    New Customer

    Triggers when there is a new Customer

  • Shopify - New Draft Order

    New Draft Order

    Triggers when there is a new Draft Order

  • Shopify - New Fulfillment Event

    New Fulfillment Event

    Triggers when there is a new fullfilment event

  • Shopify - New Order

    New Order

    Triggers when there is a new Order

  • Shopify - Updated Order

    Updated Order

    Triggers when an existing order is updated or a new one gets created

  • Shopify - New Fulfilled Order

    New Fulfilled Order

    Triggers when an order is fulfilled

  • Shopify - New Paid Order

    New Paid Order

    Triggers when an Order is Paid

  • Shopify - Order Cancellation

    Order Cancellation

    Triggers when an Order is Cancelled

  • Shopify - New Product

    New Product

    Triggers when a new Product is added

  • Shopify - New Blog Entry

    New Blog Entry

    Triggers when a new entry is added to a blog in your Shopify store

  • Shopify - New Order Line Item

    New Order Line Item

    Triggers when there is a Order, for each line item. If there is an order with 5 line items, the Bot will run 5 times, each time with details of one line item

  • Shopify - New Variant

    New Variant

    Triggers when a new Variant is added

Do this

  • Shopify - Add or Update Customer

    Add or Update Customer

    Creates a new Customer or Updates an existing Customer

  • Shopify - Add Draft Order

    Add Draft Order

    Creates a new Draft Order

  • Shopify - Add Order

    Add Order

    Creates a new Order

  • Shopify - Add or Update Product

    Add or Update Product

    Creates a new Product or Updates an existing Product

  • Shopify - Archive an Order

    Archive an Order

    Archives an existing Order

  • Shopify - Add Tag to Order

    Add Tag to Order

    Add Tag to Order

  • Shopify - Add Product Variant

    Add Product Variant

    Creates a new Product Variant

  • Shopify - Update Product Variant

    Update Product Variant

    Updates an existing Product Variant

  • Shopify - Tag a Customer

    Tag a Customer

    Add Tags to an existing Customer

  • Shopify - Search a Customer

    Search a Customer

    Search for a Customer

  • Shopify - Search an order

    Search an order

    Search an Order based on Order Id or Customer Email

  • Shopify - Search a Product

    Search a Product

    Search for a Product

  • Shopify - Search a Product Variant

    Search a Product Variant

    Search Product Variants based on title

  • Shopify - Fulfill an Order

    Fulfill an Order

    Add order fulfillment details for selected shopify order

  • Shopify - Add Blog Entry

    Add Blog Entry

    Creates a new Blog Post

  • Google Sheets - Add Row

    Add Row

    Adds a new row to a given Worksheet

  • Google Sheets - Search Row

    Search Row

    Searches a row based on column value

  • Google Sheets - Update Row

    Update Row

    Updates a row in a given worksheet based on row number

  • Google Sheets - Add Column

    Add Column

    Adds a new column into a specific worksheet.

  • Google Sheets - Add a Worksheet

    Add a Worksheet

    Adds a new worksheet to a given spreadsheet

  • Google Sheets - Delete Row

    Delete Row

    Deletes a row from the specified worksheet based on the row number

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Create your custom integration by selecting the Trigger event and Action to be performed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to connect Google Sheets and Shopify?

Less than 3 minutes. That’s right, you can create automation between Google Sheets and Shopify without writing a single line of code and using our drag and drop interface in under 3 minutes.

What technical know-how or skills do I need to create automations (bots)?

You don’t need any technical skills to use Our product is designed keeping non-technical and business users in mind. You just need to know what information or data you want to transfer from one app to the other.

How much does it cost?

You can start with a Free Plan which allows you to create up to 5 bots (automations). As your requirements grow, you can easily upgrade to a premium plan which starts at $19/month. Check all pricing plans here..

What apps can I connect using

We have 200+ apps to choose from ranging across Marketing, CRM, Sales, Email, Project Management and many other categories. Explore all the apps here..

What about the safety and security of my data?

We use the most up to date and powerful encryption protocols to secure your data at rest and in transit. We also undergo regular security audits to ensure the integrity of our security systems.

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