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GoToWebinar and ManyChat Integration

Gather leads into ManyChat, automate marketing and sales process. Sync attendees to other apps automatically. Do much more by connecting GoToWebinar and ManyChat.

This integration will be available soon.

Popular Integrations

  • GoToWebinar ManyChat

    Add a new Subscriber in ManyChat on a New Registrant in GoToWebinar

  • ManyChat GoToWebinar

    Add Registrant in GoToWebinar on a New Subscriber in ManyChat

  • GoToWebinar ManyChat

    Add a new Subscriber in ManyChat on a New Attendee in GoToWebinar

  • GoToWebinar ManyChat

    Unsubscribe user in ManyChat on a New Registrant in GoToWebinar

Looking for something else?

Create your own Integration

Connect GoToWebinar and ManyChat the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

When This Happens

  • GoToWebinar

    New Registrant

    Triggers when there is a new Registrant in a Webinar
  • GoToWebinar

    New Attendee

    Triggers when an attendee joins a webinar for the first time
  • GoToWebinar

    New Webinar

    Triggers when there is a new Upcoming Webinar
  • ManyChat

    New Subscriber

    Triggers when a new Subscriber is added to the selected Sequence

Do this

  • ManyChat

    Add a new Subscriber

    Add a new Subscriber to the selected Sequence
  • ManyChat

    Unsubscribe user

    Remove a Subscriber from the selected Sequence
  • GoToWebinar

    Create Webinar

    Adds a new Webinar
  • GoToWebinar

    Add Registrant

    Adds a new Registrant to an upcoming Webinar
  • GoToWebinar

    Remove Registrant

    Removes a Registrant
  • GoToWebinar

    Search Registrant

    Searches a Registrant in a Webinar
  • GoToWebinar

    Search Webinar

    Search a Webinar

Let's Integrate

This integration is currently in development and will be available soon.

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ManyChat Workflow
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