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Infusionsoft and Mandrill Integration

Sync Data. Run Workflows. Connect Infusionsoft and Mandrill. Run workflows.

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Connect Infusionsoft and Mandrill the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

When This Happens

  • Infusionsoft

    New Opportunity

    Triggers when a new Opportunity is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Contact

    Triggers when a new contact is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Contact Action

    Triggers when a new Contact Action (tasks,appointments or notes) is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Invoice

    Triggers when a new Invoice is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Tag added to Contact

    Triggers when a new Tag is added to a Contact
  • Infusionsoft

    New Company

    Triggers when a new company is created in infusionsoft account
  • Infusionsoft

    New Payment

    Triggers when a new Payment is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Product

    Triggers when a new product is created
  • Infusionsoft

    Opportunity Stage Changed

    Triggers when an Opportunity enters a specified stage
  • Infusionsoft

    New Subscription

    Triggers when a new subscription is created
  • Infusionsoft

    New Invoice Line Item

    Triggers when there is a Invoice, for each line item. If there is an invoice with 5 line items, the Bot will run 5 times, each time with details of one line item.

Do this

  • Infusionsoft

    Add Or Update Contact (New)

    Create a new contact or update an existing one
  • Infusionsoft

    Search an Invoice

    Searches for invoices based on Contact Id or Invoice Id
  • Infusionsoft

    Send an Email

    Send an Email
  • Infusionsoft

    Add or Update an Opportunity

    Creates a new Opportunity or updates an existing one
  • Infusionsoft

    Search a Contact

    Search for a contact based on Email Address
  • Infusionsoft

    Search a Tag

    Searches for tags based on Tag Id or Tag name
  • Infusionsoft

    Add a Company

    Creates a new Company
  • Infusionsoft

    Search a Product

    Searches for products based on product Id or name
  • Infusionsoft

    Add or Update a Product

    Creates a new Product or updates an existing one
  • Infusionsoft

    Add an Order

    Creates a new Order
  • Infusionsoft

    Add a Note

    Creates a new Note
  • Infusionsoft

    Tag a Contact

    Tags a Contact
  • Infusionsoft

    Send Email From Template

    Send email using templates in infusionsoft
  • Mandrill

    Send an Email

    Sends an email through Mandrill's system
  • Mandrill

    Send an Email template

    Sends an email using your templates in Mandrill

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