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Popular Intercom Integrations

Intercom -  New Conversation Zendesk - Add a Ticket

Turn new Intercom conversations into tickets on Zendesk

If you are using both Intercom and Zendesk for customer support, continually juggling between them to obtain important information from customer conversations can be very frustrating.

Thankfully, this readymade Intercom to Zendesk integration template is available for help. With this integration, you can automatically sync customer tickets between them and find customer data on any of them.

So for every new conversation in Intercom, a new ticket on Zendesk will be created. You can even turn data from Intercom into fields on Zendesk such as Subject, Assignee, Group, Status, Tags, etc. This will instantly create tickets on Zendesk so that your team can take action immediately.

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This Bot runs whenever a new conversation is started in Intercom.

  • Step 2:

    It creates a new ticket in Zendesk with the requester details and ticket description filled in.

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Intercom - New User HubSpot - Add or Update a Contact

Add new Intercom users as HubSpot contacts

For anybody who is in sales & marketing, managing relationships with users is incredibly crucial. Also, it’s vital to know how well those efforts are paying off. If Intercom and HubSpot are your go-to apps for user communication and marketing, this readymade integration template is just what you need to help you measure your efforts.

With this integration, every new user on your Intercom will automatically turn into a contact on your HubSpot. You don’t have to spend time doing that manually. All you have to do is connect your Intercom and HubSpot accounts to, map whatever fields you want from Intercom to HubSpot, and turn on the integration. You can even pull-in social media information of each user; this helps you in segmenting your contacts based on their Klout score.

With all of that taken care of, you will have more time to interact with your users.

How it works

  • Step 1:

    This bot will trigger every time a user is added in Intercom.

  • Step 2: will then automatically add or update those users as contacts in HubSpot.

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Intercom - New User Google Contacts - Add or Update a contact

Add or Update a contact in Google Contacts on a New User in Intercom

Intercom - New Lead Google Sheets - Add Row (Recommended)

Add Row (Recommended) in Google Sheets on a New Lead in Intercom

Intercom - New Lead Slack - Send a Direct Message

Send a Direct Message in Slack on a New Lead in Intercom

Intercom - New User Mailchimp - Add or Update a Subscriber

Add or Update a Subscriber in Mailchimp on a New User in Intercom

Intercom - New User Gmail - Send an Email

Send an Email in Gmail on a New User in Intercom

Intercom - New User AWeber - Add a Subscriber

Add a Subscriber in AWeber on a New User in Intercom

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Things You Can Do With Intercom


  • New Lead

    Triggers when a new lead is added
  • New User

    Triggers when a new user is added
  • Lead Converts to User

    Triggers when a lead is converted to user
  • Lead Enters Email

    Triggers when an anonymous lead enters his email address
  • Unattended Conversation

    Triggers when a conversation (either new or an existing), where the User is waiting for a reply for more than a specified amount of time.
  • New Company

    Triggers when a new Company is added
  • New Conversation

    Triggers when a users starts a new conversation
  • New Event

    Triggers when a specified user event occurs
  • Tag Added to a User

    Triggers when a new tag is added to a user
  • New Reply from User

    Triggers when a user replies to conversation
  • Conversation Closed

    Triggers when a conversation is closed by an admin
  • New Reply from Agent

    Triggers when an Agent replies to conversation
  • Internal Note added to Conversation

    Triggers when a admin adds a note to a conversation
  • User Email Updated

    Triggers when a user updates their email address
  • User Unsubscribed

    Triggers when a user unsubscribes from Intercom
  • Conversation Assigned to Agent

    Triggers when a conversation is assigned to a specific agent


  • Create or Update User

    Add or Update a User
  • Create or Update Lead

    Add or Update a Lead
  • Add Note to Conversation

    Add an internal note to a conversation
  • Add Event to User

    Add an event that occured to a user
  • Send Message to User

    Send a new message to a User, or reply to an existing conversation.
  • Create Incoming Messages

    Create a new message in your Intercom as if it is sent by a specified User.
  • Add Note to User

    Add a note to a user (not conversation)
  • Create or Update Company

    Add or Update Company
  • Search Leads

    Search a lead in your intercom account
  • Search Users

    Search a user in your intercom account
  • Add Tag to User

    Tag a user in your app
  • Update User

    Updates an User
  • Search Conversations

    Search a conversation in your intercom account

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