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MongoDB and Slack Integration

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Popular Integrations

  • MongoDB Slack

    Send a Direct Message in Slack on a New Document in MongoDB

  • MongoDB Slack

    Send a Channel Message in Slack on a New Document in MongoDB

  • MongoDB Slack

    Send a Direct Message in Slack on a Updated Document in MongoDB

Looking for something else?

Create your own Integration

Connect MongoDB and Slack the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

When This Happens

  • MongoDB

    New Document

    Triggers when a new Document is added to a Collection
  • MongoDB

    Updated Document

    Triggers when an existing Document is updated in a Collection

Do this

  • Slack

    Send a Direct Message

    Send a message to specified User as Slackbot
  • Slack

    Send a Channel Message

    Send a message to public or private Group
  • Slack

    Search a User

    Search for a User based on Email address or Username
  • Slack

    Set a Reminder

    Sets a Reminder
  • Slack

    Set Status

    Set your status on slack
  • MongoDB

    Add Document

    Add a new Document to a Collection
  • MongoDB

    Update Document

    Update an existing Document in a Collection
  • MongoDB

    Search Documents

    Search Documents in a Collection using the Field specified

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