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Create Pipedrive Workflows

Run workflows spanning across your Web Forms , Pipedrive and Collaboration apps.
Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.

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Web Forms

Pipedrive Workflow
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Zero coding. No change in existing apps.

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What you can do?

Gather and Enrich Leads

Pipedrive web forms integration

Add leads from social networks, forms or emails automatically to Pipedrive. Enrich them by gathering data from other apps.

Automate Sales Process

Pipedrive sales process

Create sales workflows on top of Pipedrive and other apps. Automatically create deals, tasks and assign them to sales reps.

Identify Hot Leads

Pipedrive lead nurture

Integrate Pipedrive with Mailchimp or email apps, run lead nurturing campaigns and push hot leads as deals automatically into Pipedri

Integrate other apps

pipedrive integration

Integrate Pipedrive with Helpdesk, Invoicing or any other apps. Automate data sync or run workflows.

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