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Quick Base is low-code application development platform for creating custom solutions to everyday business challenges.

Popular Quick Base Integrations

  • Quick Base ServiceNow

    Add a Record in ServiceNow on a New Record in Quick Base

  • Quick Base Google Sheets

    Add Row in Google Sheets on a New Record in Quick Base

  • Quick Base Salesforce

    Add or Update a Lead in Salesforce on a New Record in Quick Base

  • ServiceNow Quick Base

    Add a Record in Quick Base on a New Record in ServiceNow

  • Quick Base Splunk

    Send Event in Splunk on a Updated Record in Quick Base

  • Quick Base Snowflake

    Add Row in Snowflake on a New Record in Quick Base

  • Quick Base SAP OData

    Add Object in SAP OData on a New Record in Quick Base

  • Quick Base Office 365

    Add or Update a Contact in Office 365 on a New Record in Quick Base

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Things You Can Do With Quick Base


  • New Record

    Triggers when a new Record is added.
  • New Record matching a Search

    Triggers when there is a new Record matching a search criteria.
  • Updated Record

    Triggers when an existing Record is updated.


  • Add a Record

    Insert an new Record in a specified table.
  • Update a Record

    Update a record in a specified table.
  • Search a Record

    Retrieve a record based on a search criteria.

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Project Management

Run workflows spanning across your Forms, Quick Base and Project Management apps. Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.

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