Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software are overwhelming. Expensive, hard to setup and not flexible. Meet the new age automation tool that lets you do awesome things with amazing ease. Just connect your landing pages, email app and CRM together and run automated marketing workflows across them.

What you can do


Drip Marketing

Drip marketing automation software

Run smart drip email campaigns based on what prospects do (or don't do). Nurture and score leads in your CRM.

Email Automation

Email Marketing automation

Send automated email messages when things happen in your CRM or Payments system. Automate follow-ups.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing

Send emails, and score leads based on their email activity. Bring your CRM to life.

Integrate Landing Pages

Landing page integration

Link your web forms or landing pages with CRM or marketing apps, setup autoresponders.

Social Marketing

Social marketing automation

No just email, engage customers on social channels - Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Send social broadcasts or personalized messages.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing automation

Engage your audience on mobile. Send timely and personalized SMS messages.

Automate Work. Have Fun.

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