Drip Marketing

What is drip marketing?

Drip email marketing is an email marketing practice that involves sending your audience a series of automated emails at specified intervals. This typically involves gauging the level of interest of the recipient (based on email opens and clicks) and deciding whether and what email to send them next.

Automate.io allows you to do drip marketing without the need of any marketing automation tools, just by connecting your CRM, landing page and email apps together.

What you can do?

User Onboarding

Drip marketing onboarding

Welcome new subscribers and educate them about how to use your product or service. Send automated emails based on prospect's lifecycle.

Lead Nurturing & Scoring

drip marketing nurture

Start drip email sequence when some one fills a landing page form. Score them when they open or click your email links. Optimize your campaign to check the interest level and send emails only to good leads.

Trail Conversion

drip email conversion

Automatically convert more of your signups to paying customers with series of drip emails that are fired on specific user action.

Upselling & Rewards

drip campaign upselling

Upsell existing customers with timely and behavior based email sequence. Send recommendations based on profile date.

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