Email Marketing Automation

How to automate email marketing?

Email is still the most preferred way for marketing and offers the highest return on investment. But the stand out of the noise your emails have to precisely timed and highly personalized. This usually requires complex email marketing automation software that needs to integrated with your CRM, Landing pages and other apps.

Thankfully there's an alternative. allows you to automate email marketing without the need of any marketing automation tools. By connecting all your cloud apps together, you can send an email or start a drip email sequence when people fill web forms or purchase products.

What you can do?

Transaction Emails

transactional email automation

Send instant emails when a payment is made with all relevant transaction data.

Rewards and Recommendations

Promotional email marketing

Send personalized and timely promotional and emails to customers based on their profile and activity.

Sales Followups

Email followup automation

Send followup emails when you act on leads in your CRM automatically.


Email marketing autoresponder

Setup email autoresponders for web forms or email inquiries.

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