Lead Nurturing

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is a process of educating, engaging and establishing trust with your prospects with the objective of converting them into customers. This involves sending automated emails with personalized and value-add information over a period of time, and continuously measuring their level of interest until you finally win the customer.

What you can do?

Automate.io allows you to schedule and send timely emails to your prospects. By connecting your email, CRM and marketing apps together, you can trigger email sequence based on prospect activity to nurture and score leads automatically.

Gather Leads

Gather leads

Gather leads from various sources - web forms, emails, social media. Log them into your CRM with rich profile data gathered from all the sources.

Create a Nurturing Process

process for lead nurturing

Define your lead nurturing process visually with sequence of emails, delay and conditional logic. Send the right email at the right time.

Start Nurturing Automatically

Lead nurturing

Start sending emails automatically on landing page form submissions, or when you tag them in your CRM.

Score Leads

Nurture and score leads

Automatically score leads in your CRM when they open and click email links. Monitor their interest level and focus on hot leads.

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