Automate Sales Process


Have a sales process? Automate it. Processes are great, but can be a pain to follow. Meet the new age sales automation tool that connects your marketing, email and CRM apps together and lets you run sales processes across them automatically.

What you can do

Streamline Sales

Sales process management

Visually define your sales process. Streamline sales on top of your Marketing, Sales and Payments apps.

Nurture and Score Leads

Lead scoring

Bring your CRM to life. Nurture and score leads based on their activity. Focus on hot leads.

Sales Force Automation

Automating sales force operations

Perform actions automatically when things happen in your CRM or any other cloud apps.

Integrate CRM with other apps

CRM Integration

Connect your CRM with other cloud apps - Email, Marketing, Accounting, Web Forms, Support etc. Keep data in sync.

Supported Sales Apps

Salesforce integrations Infusionsoft Integrations Zoho CRM Integrations Hubspot CRM Integrations Pipedrive Integrations Capsule CRM Integrations Insightly Integrations

Automate Work. Have Fun.

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