Sales Force Automation

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales force automation is a practice aimed at optimizing overall sales performance of the organization, improve transparency in sales process, and accountability of the sales force. This typically involves optimizing process for better funnel management, communication, workflows and approvals, account management and sales forecasting.

What you can do with

Pipeline Management

Sales pipeline management

Define a deal flow process from creation to closure. Manage and automate sales pipeline better.

Improve Performance

Sales force performance

Put your sales force on steroids with dynamic data in CRM, reduce data entry, and instant notifications on deal activity.

Eliminate Leakage

Sales process leaks

Eliminate manual error and deal leakage with automated processes that are easy to follow and work across your cloud applications.

Automated Actions

Sales force automation

Perform automated sales activities when things happen in your CRM, marketing or any cloud apps. Notify people, create tasks, or anything you wish to do.

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