Unlock the full potential of collaborative workflow automation with our newly launched Shared Folders feature. You’ll now be able to share Bots and apps with your colleagues and work together to boost your business productivity.

Earlier this year, we introduced the Team Accounts feature to allow organizations to give the power of workflow automation to their team members by inviting them to Automate.io.

And today, we’re excited to announce the next big update of Shared Folders that will empower your team to share Bots with others and collaborate to unleash the next level of productivity.

How can collaborative workflow automation help your business? 

Regardless of the company size or industry, effective collaboration is the key to workforce efficiency and overall business productivity. 

When your team collaboratively creates automation, it will help them move away from mundane repetitive tasks and instead focus on more creative tasks that’ll make a bigger impact on the bottom line of the organization.

Organizations taking advantage of Sharing & Collaboration suite in Automate.io will benefit in three main ways:

  1. Bringing the power of automation to everyone in the team - this will allow team members to save time by automating their mundane daily tasks. 
  2. Imbibe the culture of automation - build a team culture that promotes productivity through automation and take your team’s efficiency to the next level. 
  3. Process efficiency - improve the overall efficiency of your teams which will collectively impact the bottom line of your organization. 

If you’re already using the Team Account feature in Automate.io, you can get started with Shared Folders immediately. All you need to do is create one or more shared folders and add team members to them.

What Can I Do With Shared Folders?

Firstly, let’s address a few pointers that may look confusing:

  • you can’t directly share a bot, you can transfer a Bot to a shared folder which will then be accessible to the members of that folder. 
  • you can either be the owner or a member of a Shared Folder. Folder owners have more privileges vs a member. 
  • as a member, you can add an authenticated app to a shared folder which can then be used by the members of the folder to create Bots. 

Now let’s look at what you can do with Shared Folders: 

  • Invite members via Email or Link - as a Shared Folder owner, you can invite members to the folder via email or directly sharing a special link. 
  • Share your Action quota. Each member in the organization will have their own set of login credentials to maintain privacy and security. However, the Action quota will be shared among all the team members based on your account plan.
  • Access advanced actions. Except for inviting new members and transferring ownership of the shared folder, the members will have access to advanced actions and permissions like:
    - Add a new Bot
    - Switch a bot ON or OFF
    - Modify a Bot, Delete a Bot and Retry option. 
  • Manage members. Only the owner of a shared folder can Invite, Remove, or Suspend a member. Folder owners can also transfer the ownership to other members.

Note: Sharing & Collaboration features are only available in Business & Enterprise plans. Check the pricing plans here.

Read our help doc to know more about how Shared Folders work. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at help@automate.io or via chat option inside the Automate.io app.