We are excited to announce that our Contacts+ integration is live on Automate.io. You can now connect Contacts+ with over 200+ applications, including your favourite marketing, collaboration, and CRM apps – No coding required! 

If you and your team are spending too much time organizing and updating contact information across platforms, then this integration is for you.

About Contacts+ 

Contacts+ is a cloud-based contact management tool. It is designed to help professionals, teams, and organizations keep their phone books uncluttered and connections uninterrupted. It keeps your contacts synced, up-to-date, and available wherever you are.

What can you do with Contacts+ integration? 

With the right set of Contacts+ integrations, you can automate your cross-channel communications with customers and build better relationships with less effort. Here are some common use cases to help you get started:

#1. Use Contacts+ with other apps like Google Sheets and Airtable to create contact database

#2. Automate interactions with potential or existing customers with Contacts+ integrations

#3. Use Contacts+ with other apps like Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Zendesk Sell to manage sales pipeline

How to set up Contacts+ Integration in Automate.io? 

Step 1: Log in to Automate.io 

Step 2: Authenticate Contacts+ and the other apps you wish to connect. 

Step 3: Select the right trigger and action for setting up the automation workflow. 

Step 4: Map the data fields between both the trigger and action app using the drag-drop interface. 

Step 5: Switch on the bot, and voila! it’s done

Your bot is now on auto-pilot and will continue to run unless manually stopped.

If you have any issues or queries regarding setting up the bot, feel free to contact our customer support team and they will help you with the entire process. You can email us at help@automate.io or contact us via our live chat option inside Automate.io.