3 Reasons to Choose Automate.io

Easy Integration

Automate.io is designed for business users (not programmers). Create your integrations without technical help in minutes. Visually see how your data is mapped between applications with drag-drop interface.

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3x More Value

Get more done for less and make the most out of your investment. Automate.io offers at least 3 times more tasks across all plans.

If Zapier doesn't have the specific actions you're looking for...check out Automate.io! Even if Zapier has all the actions you're looking for... check out Automate.io! I have found they are much easier to work with and there's a real human on the other side :) Kat,  Head of Product

Free Plan 300 Actions ● 5 Bots
$9.99 Plan 600 Actions ● 10 Bots
$39 Plan 10,000 Actions ● 50 Bots
$79 Plan 30,000 Actions ● 100 Bots
$319 Plan 500,000 Actions ● Unlimited Bots
Free Plan 100 Tasks ● 5 Zaps
Not available
$129 Plan 10,000 Tasks ● Unlimited Zaps
$189 Plan 20,000 Tasks ● Unlimited Zaps
$1499 Plan 500,000 Tasks ● Unlimited Zaps

24x5 Live Chat Support

Need a hand? Our team is right there with you with live chat support. No more back and forth emails and confusion. Get your issues resolved in minutes.


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Workflows Automated


Work Hours Saved

Top Software Review Platforms Recommend Automate.io

I switched from Zapier to Automate.io because they provide an "Update" action for Zendesk fields (Zapier does not). Tool is fairly simple to use and get started on your own. Fantastic customer support. Tons of flexibility and product options that Zapier doesn't seem to have. Kat,  Head of Product

I highly recommend utilizing Automate.io over other competitors such as Zapier. There's way more intuitive functionality and don't be afraid to use the chat box for help when building your bots. These guys are professionals! Landon, Small Business Owner


Is Automate.io Secure & Reliable?

Yes. Automate.io has enterprise-grade security built-in with data encryption at rest and transit. Our platform undergoes third-party security assessments frequently.

How Much Does It Cost?

We have a Free plan that offers 300 actions/month. The paid plans start at $19 per month. All our plans provide at least 3 times more Actions per month compared to Zapier - that’s 3x value for your money.

Is Automate.io Easy To Use Compared To Zapier?

We certainly believe so. Our easy drag-drop interface allows non-technical users to set up integrations easily. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our customers say on G2.

Who Uses Automate.io?

More than 40,000 big and small businesses from over 93+ countries use Automate.io every day to automate routine tasks and make their business more effective.

What Level of Customer Support Is Provided?

We support our customers via Live Chat & Phone Call. We also go a step ahead to help you set up your integration on a 1:1 basis.

What Do Customers Say About us?

It's top-rated on G2. A lot of our customers use words such as top-notch, reliable, amazing, fantastic, etc. to describe our customer support.

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